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Designing an exciting and unique brand experience for key customer journeys with Medibank


The challenge

Health insurance is an industry that is commonly felt by customers to be impersonal and lacking in tailored value. Medibank wanted to take a different approach, demonstrating to their members how truly committed they are to their health and wellbeing.

We were engaged to help Medibank bring their brand to life and to truly live up to their brand purpose—Better Health for Better Lives.

Impact opportunity

We had the opportunity to create real impact for Medibank customers and in turn, improve the wellbeing of Australian communities.


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As with all our projects, we approached this from a human-centred perspective, working with Medibank stakeholders and customer to understand what were the moments that mattered on two of their highest priority customer journeys.

Connecting communities

We spoke to a diverse group of members with a mix of cover types, reasons for joining and levels of engagement with health and wellbeing.

Our research showed us that Medibank could play a role in creating more connected communities by helping members understand what was at their doorstep.

“I feel like I’ve partnered with a health community who are helping me live my healthiest life at a local level.” — Participant

“I feel like Medibank is caring about my health and wellbeing. Has a positive approach, and is willing to have a bit of fun along the way.” — Participant


I love this project, it's a great example of how a brand can be used to create real impact for customers. Brands can no longer just say they are doing good, they need to show it.

Callan Rowe
Innovation Lead as Today


The result was a series of clear experience prototypes illustrating how Medibank could give customers a first-hand experience of its brand purpose and a series of programs to bring to pilot to realise this vision.

This project changed the way that Medibank approaches customer experience and brand, resulting in the creation of a new internal brand experience capability.


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