Commitment to access and inclusion

You are welcome here.

Our work is about exploring possibilities and using design and technology to create a better future. To do this, we collaborate with people and communities who don't often get a say. We believe that by designing things together, we can create things that feel inclusive, safe and accessible for everyone.

This commitment is core to our mission, purpose and values. It influences:

  • How we build relationships and communicate with people.
  • What it's like to visit our studio in Yálla-birr-ang (Collingwood) and collaborating with us online.
  • How we design things to meet accessibility and usability standards.

We know we can always do better and we want to do everything we can to improve. If you have suggestions for how we could be more inclusive or accessible, or have any specific access needs when visiting us, you can get in touch on email—

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