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We’re carbon neutral and committed to the future

August 2021

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sixth assessment report is in and alongside delivering some bleak news on the likelihood of limiting global warming by 1.5°C, it has delivered “unequivocal” evidence that human influence is the cause.

At Today we like to focus on bright futures and pursue a fairer world for all. Hard-hitting reads like the IPCC report are overwhelming, yes. But they also show us that by coming together and committing to fight for climate action, we can have the future we dream of.

In April this year, we became Climate Active carbon neutral certified. Part of the process was measuring and recording our carbon footprint, and from this, we have retrospectively offset our emissions from 1 July 2019.

We offset our emissions for this period by supporting a renewable energy wind power project in India.

Becoming carbon neutral is part of our commitment to B Corps Net Zero by 2030 initiative, but it’s also a commitment to our values as a business. We are here to do good today.

Damon O’Sullivan, Co-founder and CEO says, “Our business name is a marker of our time, of now, of the context in which we are living. It’s essential that our business, and every business, considers the impact on people and the planet in every decision we make. It's not just about reducing harm, it's about looking for ways to create more social and environmental value.”

Our social and environmental policy is our commitment to our duty of care to the environment and community. It details how we are constantly working to improve.

Now we’re asking other businesses to join us and take the steps to become carbon neutral. Our collective future depends on it.

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