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Today helps organisations of all shapes and sizes co-create with the communities they serve. Our practice centres lived experience; bringing service users, service providers, and policymakers together to make the future they want to see.

This is the story of the change-makers who’ve quietly but bravely championed change in complex and important service redesign. They’ve bought their lived experience to programs of co-design with us and our client partners, helping us to find a better way; moving us all toward better, fairer services.

Follow the links below to listen to their voices, hear their stories, and ready yourself to make change with them.

You can also hear our Acknowledgement of Country spoken by Robbie Dettman, a Palawa Man and Traditional Owner of the Nuenonne Tribal lands in Lunawanna-Alonnah.

By Kate Bensen

23 Jul 2023

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Robbie Dettman

Robbie has collaborated with Today on many projects, starting with the Victorian Government's mental health digital strategy.

A Palawa Man from Lunawanna-Alonnah, Robbie is committed to working across mental health reforms to build a brighter future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTIQA+ people in Victoria.

Photograph: Robbie Dettman by Michaela Skovranova, 2023

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Lyanne Morel

Lyanne brings her passion for creativity and connection to co-design. She is dedicated to removing systemic barriers for marginalised communities, and brought her own lived experience to help design a supported housing model for young people experiencing mental health challenges.

Photograph: Lyanne Morel by Anne Moffat, 2023

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Glad Fraser

Glad lives in regional Victoria, and has found her involvement in the mental health reform agenda empowering.

Having fought for many years to highlight the damage the mental health system was causing her family, she has relished the opportunity to be heard and the chance to create change for others.

Glad hopes that her work with Today on the Victorian Government's mental health digital strategy will help others navigate a complex system to find the help they need.

Photograph: Glad Fraser by J Forsyth, 2023

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Levi Graves

Levi is a passionate advocate for youth and disability in the mental health space.

He brings his warmth and humour to the process, and was a central collaborator in our Youth Housing project, helping to design an ideal assisted living environment for young people experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges.

Painting: Levi Graves by Niqui Toldi, 2023

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