We've won 14 Australian Design Awards

We're excited to have been awarded seven Gold and seven Silver Australian Design Awards .

Special congratulations go to our client partners who make this all possible. Dive into more detail on the winning projects below.

By Kate Bensen

7 Feb 2023

Crushed But Okay with Alannah and Madeline Foundation

Crushed But Okay is a social-first campaign featuring young Aussie influencers reacting to real stories of online interactions between young men and women. The series takes a strengths-based approach to help teen boys build healthy relationships online by giving them the tools to safely, and ethically process emotions—like rejection—in their own language.

Gold: Marketing, Mobile Campaign

Today amf crushed but okay a

Map Your Future with Youth Disability Advocacy Service

Map Your Future is a co-designed free online program that enables young disabled people to set goals and get the right support to achieve them. Today and Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) worked together with young people to design a process that leads with the theme of disability pride.

Gold: Systems, Social Design
Gold: Service, Community
Silver: Better Future, Equity & Inclusion


Geoscience Australia's Digital Design System

Geoscience Australia (GA) is responsible for Australia’s earth science and data, offering vast resources for scientists, businesses, and citizens. But their resources have been hard to access, understand and use. A new design system changes that—giving GA a stronger voice and unlocking the potential of Australia’s earth science and data.

Gold: Digital, Internet of Things
Silver: Digital, Government Services

Today Geoscience organisation design a

Together We Can - with Australian Conservation Foundation

The Together We Can campaign brand and website gives people a voice in the climate change conversation, encouraging advocacy through storytelling. Designed and built by Today—with the Australian Conservation Foundation—it shows the Australian Government that people of all walks of life, all over the country, are demanding change now.

Gold: Digital, Community
Silver: Better Future, Environmental Sustainability

Together We Can 1

Climate Solutions by Greenpeace

Climate Solutions by Greenpeace is a tool for learning and climate action. The design language of a quiz connects with Australians alarmed by climate change, acknowledges the changes they’ve already made to support the cause, and offers complementary ways for them to take action to create lasting, system-led impact.

Silver: Digital, Community
Silver: Better Future, Environmental Sustainability

Today greenpeace climate solutions brand a1

Building a more supportive and inclusive reproductive care experience with Monash IVF

The new Monash IVF website acknowledges and supports people on what is often a long and emotional reproductive care journey. We worked with Australia’s IVF pioneers and people on their IVF journey to build a supportive, user-centred journey that’s calm, straightforward, and easy to use.

Gold: Digital, New Service or Application
Silver: Digital, Health

Today monash ivf inclusive fertility a
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