We've won seven Melbourne Design Awards

We are thrilled to receive three Gold and four Silver Melbourne Design Awards this year.

We celebrate this win along with our partners, who enable us to continue delivering meaningful and impactful work.

By Kate Bensen

13 Jul 2023

Reducing isolation and loneliness through social prescribing

Social prescribing is an initiative of the Victorian Department of Health’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Division (MHWD). It is about reimagining support for people experiencing psychological distress, mental ill health and addiction. We worked with MHWD to develop a design-led response to loneliness and social isolation through co-design and community-based activities.

Gold: Service - Government
Silver: Better Future - Equity & Inclusion

Social Prescribing Today 1

Today Pavilion at Purpose Conference

Today Pavilion is an immersive and interactive space to “pause, reflect, and contemplate brighter futures", which we designed in partnership with Studio Edwards. It was a co-creative space that brought together live musical performance and an interactive digital experience to facilitate collaborative conversations on social and environmental impact. The Pavilion was inserted into the humming milieu of Purpose Conference 2022 at Eveleigh’s Carriageworks.

Gold: Better Future - Circular Economy
Silver: Better Future - Environmental Sustainability
Silver: Pop-Ups, Display, Exhibit & Set Design

Today pavilion at Purpose

An audio companion for the expanded Art Gallery of New South Wales

Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) has built a world-class art and architectural experience: the Sydney Modern Project. We created Dora, an art companion that lets visitors to the new campus engage with art in new, deeper ways. Designed as an ‘eyes up’ experience, Dora is an accessible audio companion that blends into the visitor experience and connects visitors to art, artists, music, curators and culture.

Silver: Digital - Entertainment & Leisure

An audio companion for the expanded Art Gallery of New South Wales 6

Bluerock: Big thinking for your next adventure

BlueRock are a visionary, creative and entrepreneurial bunch who do professional and financial services differently. They are a fellow B Corp, and they genuinely care about social and environmental impact. Their website needed to say all that in a bold and energetic way; while being structured and serious enough to instil confidence.

Gold: Digital - Finance

Bluerock big thinking for your next adventure 1
Today Team Kate

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