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KJ cultural storytelling communication strategy


Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) is a Martu-led organisation focused on delivering environmental, cultural and social programs as a way to maintain Martu cultural identity.

Experiencing significant organisational growth, KJ reached out to share a challenge: their comms were feeling reactive and adhoc, and they wanted to reach two key audiences: funders and future employees.

We worked together to design a robust, future-proof communication strategy to diversify funders and attract new employees.

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Through workshops, expert interviews and a large survey, we built an actionable strategy that focuses on leveraging KJ’s successful programs and strong reputation. We learnt that funders want quick information specific to their investment, new talent want to see the reality of life in the desert, and everyone looks for evidence that KJ’s actions match their values.

We planned a multi-purpose content trip on Country and our Storyteller joined to capture content, share skills, and help build the right framework for Martu to feel confident to start collecting their own content.

KJ cultural storytelling communication strategy3


KJ hit the ground running with a communications strategy that included research insights, a roadmap to implementation, content principles and pillars, and channel frequency and tactics.

We also applied our strategy to key funding materials, resourcing KJ with impactful pitch tools to use in policy and funding discussions.

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