Zev Powell

Service Designer

A deep thinker and a natural problem solver, Zev is able to reframe complex problems while keeping the planet and people at the forefront of design.

Originally from the US, Zev gained a Bachelor of Anthropology before going on to complete a Certificate in Interaction Design and Social Entrepreneurship at the Austin Center for Design (AC4D).

At AC4D, Zev designed and piloted a digital tool (SELect) that helped college guidance counsellors empower ‘non-traditional students’—those who face social and emotional barriers to their studies. He was the design researcher on a project aimed at encouraging younger repeat blood donors (for ‘We Are Blood’), and honed his skills as an interviewer at several research companies in Melbourne.

Since joining Today, Zev has worked with the University of Melbourne to take a critical look at student interests and how the university can be a strong steward, driving for a sense of fulfilment and learning. He has also engaged with Sustainability Victoria to improve the uptake of sustainability features in new home builds.

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