Meet the Today team.

Today Team Jonathan

Jonathan Lovera

Senior Developer

Today Team Meg

Megan Glass

Senior Interaction Designer

Today Team Jason

Jason D’Souza

Technology Director

Today Team Clare

Clare Mackinlay

Operations Administration

Today Team Lucas

Lucas Mounsey

Front End Lead

Today Team Leva

Leva Azadi

Senior Strategic Designer

Today Team Mary

Mary Nguyen

Business Director

Today Team Linda

Linda Andersson


Today Team Nik

Nik Malyaris

Technology Lead

Today Team Natalia

Natalia Radywyl

Head of Research and Capability

Today Team Jo

Joanne Amarisa

Content Creator

Today Team Fraser

Fraser Green

Senior Producer

Today Team Bri

Brianna Lacy

People Experience Lead

Today Team Lou

Louise Sergent

Managing Director

Today Team Liana

Liana Modolo

Lead Product Designer

Today Team Damon

Damon O'Sullivan

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Today Team Chloe

Chloe Herald

Junior Product Designer

Today Team Hunter

Hunter Lee

Senior Strategic Designer

Today Team Nikki

Nikki Stefanoff

Content Designer

Today Team Kat

Kat Denton

Delivery Director

Today Team Angelica

Angelica Scott

Service Design Lead

Today Team Tash

Natasha Mian

Business Development Coordinator

Today Team Aziza

Aziza Mohamed

Senior Content Strategist

Today Team Ryan

Ryan Ashworth


Today Team Tait

Tait Ischia

Content Director

Today Team Matt

Matt Di Florio

Software Developer

Today Team Julia

Julia Sharwood

Senior Producer

Today Team Sam

Sam Mackisack

Executive Director, Creative and Strategy

Today Team Tiffany

Tiffany Gilchrist

Digital Delivery Lead

Today Team Zoe

Zoe Austin-Crowe

Business Director

Today Team Adam

Adam Morris

Founder, Chief Design Officer

Today Team Hayley

Hayley Tasker

Senior Producer

Today Team Vincent

Vincent Oosterwijk

Senior Developer

Today Team Belle

Belle Wood

Content Designer

Today Team Jonathan Puc

Jonathan Puc


Today Team Serena

Serena Davies

Business Development Coordinator

Today Team Marina

Marina Moreno

Senior Strategic Designer

Today Team Jacob

Jacob Zinman-Jeanes

Design Director

Today Team David

David Cairns

Partnerships Director

Today Team Steph

Steph Little

Business Director

Today Team Eva

Eva Zheng

Financial Controller

Today Team Mosh1

Alex Moshovelis

Service Design Lead

Today Team Mark

Mark Davis

Business Director

Today Team Dave

Dave Constable


Today Team Beata

Beata Klepek

Experience Design Lead

Today Team Foo

Athalia Foo

Senior Content Strategist

Today Team Penny

Penny McVey

Delivery Lead

Today Team Sonja

Sonja Petrovic

Product Designer

Today Team Georgie

Georgie Batt

Design lead

Today Team Hayley Travis

Hayley Travis

Lead Producer

Today Team Emma

Emma Vasavan

Partnerships Manager

Today Team Dewani

Dewani Shebubakar

Strategic Design Director

Today Team Liz

Liz Sideris


Today Team Kylie

Kylie Crane

Head of People

Today Team Kate

Kate Bensen


Today Team John

John Broadfoot

Interaction Design Lead

Today Team Helena

Helena Rosebery


Today Team Maddi

Maddi Skeggs

Senior Product Designer

Today Team Krista

Krista Uellendahl

Head of Operations

Today Team Luci

Luci Folder

Strategic Designer

Today Team Rochelle

Rochelle Seneviratna

Senior Producer

Today Team Karen

Karen Gallagher

Partnerships Director

Today Team Leo

Leo Beganov

Senior Product Designer

Today Team Marcus

Marcus Procida

Strategic Designer

Today Team Beau

Beau Hankins

Senior Developer

Today Team Lauren

Lauren Plumb

Delivery Lead

Today Team Tayla

Tayla Johnston

Studio Experience Manager

Today Team Oli

Oliver Stulajter

Interaction Designer

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