Penny McVey

Delivery Lead

As a Delivery Lead, Penny champions the details, helping to make complex projects simple while overseeing them through to delivery.

Penny has over 12 years’ experience in client service, stakeholder management and project delivery within the design and communication industries.

Penny has run a wide range of projects for clients ranging from nbnco to Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services, and substantial projects for NAB. She was key to the reimagining of, delivering a flexible and well-designed user experience. Penny also led a Premier’s Design Award-winning project for The Foundation of Young Australians which helped open pathways for job seekers.

Penny has a knack for staying cool in tight situations and artfully negotiating curveballs. She’s well-versed in agile delivery, with strong experience across user research, digital production and all flavours of design.

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