Luci Folder

Strategic Designer

Joining our team in 2021, Luci brought with her a background working in the legal and social sectors, as well as experience in communications and research. Luci’s passion for social justice and her desire to make a difference makes her a perfect fit for Today.

As a Strategic Designer, Luci’s ability to connect and build rapport with people is integral, as she gains a deeper understanding of their needs during the research phase of a project. She enjoys the direct interaction of this process, hearing people’s stories, framing the issue and finding the right tools to solve complex problems.

Luci’s legal background in the not-for-profit sector gave her experience working with a diverse cohort of clients in what was often a challenging and high stress environment. Naturally empathetic, calm in a crisis and a creative thinker, Luci brings these traits to her role in the Strategy team. Her love of learning inspired her studies in the Masters in Social Impact so she can further contribute to meaningful and sustainable social change.

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