Jason D'Souza

Technology Director

As Technology Director at Today, Jason combines his deep technical skills with future visioning to lead our technology practice. Originally from a science background, Jason is an experienced developer who is AWS certified and holds two Masters degrees in Information Technology. He is an experienced leader who passionately empowers his team to deliver intelligent and sustainable solutions for people and the planet.

As a director at Today the broader impact of our work is always in his focus. Jason collaboratively shapes the team’s vision and capabilities and guides technical teams to solve complex architectural and engineering problems. At the same time, he looks further afield—partnering with experts outside of Today and analysing the ever-evolving technical ecosystem.

Jason’s desire to do purpose-driven work is what brought him to Today. During his time at Today he has consulted for Geoscience Australia, the Digital Transformation Agency’s myGov multi-channel strategy, and informed the digital transformation of Digital Earth Australia and the DISER Climate Active Roadmap. He approaches every situation with empathy and the ability to skillfully demystify complex systems to make technology accessible to everyone.

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