Hayley Tasker

Senior Producer

Today had been on Hayley’s radar for a while before she joined us in 2021. Returning to Australia from London, Hayley was keen to work for an agency that was impact-driven and aligned with her values.

With a background in medical/health communications and further education in science, it’s no surprise that Hayley is obsessed with all things human-science, but a lifelong passion for art and design sees her combining the two in human-centred design.

As a Senior Producer, she is well-practised at delivering both experiential and digital design projects. Her role as a client’s best friend and team cheerleader ensures projects are delivered on time while meeting the needs of the end user. A natural problem-solver, Hayley thrives on working in a creative space. She brings her enthusiasm and energy to all of the projects she works on, which so far has included jobs for RACV Energy, Our Watch and Broadsheet.

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