Dewani Shebubakar

Strategic Design Lead

Dewani joined our Strategic Design Team in 2021, starting work on the second iteration of Speckle, an ethical short-term loan product Today previously worked on and which won the 2018 Good Design Award for social impact.

Having started her career in graphic design in Germany, Dewani grew her strategic design experience working in various design companies closer to home. Fascinated by people and what drives our needs, she works collaboratively to co-create solutions, then identify and solve problems for both clients and the end users.

Her tenacious personality has her sticking with the problems in order to find the best solution, rather than what might be the most obvious. A creative and analytical thinker, Dewani not only studies the details but zooms out to keep the bigger picture in mind as well. Friendly and easily approachable, she is a great communicator, able to connect with diverse groups of people and provide authentic and meaningful outcomes.

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