Aziza Mohamed

Senior Content Strategist

Aziza balances her passion for words with creating human-centred experiences for audiences of all backgrounds and abilities. She is able to tailor her perspective to find the best solutions, rather than settle for a universal approach.

Before joining Today, she worked at a digital agency partnering with clients across the non-profit, government, and manufacturing sectors as a copywriter and marketer. During her time at Today, Aziza has worked on a website redevelopment for the Brotherhood of St Laurence, digitised a print-based toolkit for Our Watch, and supported the Academic Skills and Career teams at the University of Melbourne by undertaking research and audits to find what resonates with their students.

Aziza has a degree in Professional Writing and Editing from Swinburne University of Technology and pairs her expertise in content with her ability to develop a strong business context of each client she works with. This allows her to work closely with users, stakeholders and subject matter experts to communicate ideas, brands, and content architecture with clarity and purpose.

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