Research and insights

Make sense of complexity and find bold ways forward.

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Uncover the unexpected. Build your understanding of the human experience of services, products, places and policy. We capture what matters and call out interesting opportunities for impact.

  • Discovery
  • Customer experience studies
  • Usability testing
  • Landscape and trends studies
  • Current state analysis
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Data analysis
Today services explore journeys 1
Today services explore journeys 2


Show your organisation what’s happening now, and what better looks like. We work with customers to understand what matters as they experience products, services, and policy; then define what’s required to make them better.

  • Journey mapping
  • Experience mapping
  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Service blueprinting
Today services explore futures 1
Today services explore futures 2
Today services explore futures 3


Paint a picture of the possible. We bring collaborative, creative processes to help you and your customers imagine new possibilities and plan to move towards them.

  • Value proposition design
  • Scenario design
  • Speculative design
  • Vision and mission design
  • ‘North star’ exploration and definition

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