We work with community organisations, courts, not-for-profits and policymakers to help make our justice system fairer, safer and easier to navigate.

We all deserve to live in families and communities that are safe, and where our rights are protected. The justice system exists to ensure this, but like all the social systems we work in, is complex, and at times, unfair.

Trust in institutions, including our courts and justice system, is declining. It’s well-documented that people—especially young people—from multicultural communities are overrepresented in the justice system. Aboriginal people are the most incarcerated people on the planet, whose “children are aliened from their families at unprecedented rates.”

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Finding your way and getting help

The justice system is complex and difficult to navigate, and often happens in stressful and challenging moments for people. It can be unequal, with men twice as likely to receive legal aid as women,1 and multicultural communities experiencing greater challenges in accessing and navigating the system.

Smart, accessible services can help prepare people better for these moments, and make it easy for them to safely access the help they need.

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A smarter system

In Australia, “infrastructures have evolved in a piecemeal way to create a complicated justice data ecosystem”.2 Legacy technology systems add to the challenge of sharing information, across both restricted and open access—and new platforms and cloud-based solutions offer efficiency, but not always equity.

Using data and technology to innovate the justice system will improve the experience of citizens and legal workers, and help ensure that the legal system is operating in an accountable, predictive and accessible way.

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Acting early, with communities

Early intervention is the best approach for reducing rates of crime, incarceration, and recidivism. In many states and territories, including Victoria, there is a growing focus on working with communities to tackle the underlying factors that lead to crime.

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Selected Work

Today Strategic Design VIC Department justice 2

A digital platform for survivors of violence and crime

Websites and apps

Today Strategic Design Magistrates court victoria 2

Australia’s first online family violence intervention order

Websites and apps

Today Strategic Design Justice Connect 2

Linking people in need to pro bono legal services

Service design

Today Strategic Design Environmental Defenders Ofiice 2

A legal help gateway to take on environmental offenders

Websites and apps

Today Strategic Design Court Services Victoria 2

A digital kiosk to support self-service in the courts

Websites and apps

Today Strategic Design Victorian legal services board 2

Designing a user-centred digital experience

Websites and apps

Today Strategic Design Behavioural insights unit 1 2

Insights to improve information sharing in the court system

Service design

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