Our finances impact how we feel, how we act, and what we do with our lives. Today works with businesses, academics, innovators, and policymakers to help people better navigate complex and unfair financial systems.

Today, one in three Australian families are concerned about their financial situation.1

Fewer than half of all adult Australians have comprehensive financial literacy, and there are gaps represented by both gender and age2. With a history of dispossession and stolen wages, just one in ten Indigenous Australians are financially secure.3

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Financial capability

The world of money is confusing and complicated, and the human tendency is to avoid challenges and believe things will work out for the better.

While a better financial system can’t rest on the shoulders of individuals, lifting capability is an important part of the solution, particularly for those most excluded by our financial systems.

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Products for people

Financial services companies have helped push human-centred design approaches to the forefront of the Australian business community. However, many Australians are still at the mercy of products they don’t understand.

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The fairness imperative4

The Royal Commission proved just how unfair our financial system had become. Cultural change within the industry will require a major shift toward a fairer system for everyday people. We’re working with people, from every level of need and circumstance, to design better, fairer, approaches will be critical to bring about real change.

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Selected Work

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A toolkit to prevent economic abuse


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A new product to take on unfair lending

Products and services

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Designing everyday philanthropy

Websites and apps

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A financial literacy resource designed by and for women


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Developing a global community-impact strategy

Impact strategy

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