We work with students, educators, governments and technology companies to make learning more human and less institutional.

When it comes to our education systems, reform is not enough.1

Education is institutional and unequal, often under-funded, and being transformed by technology that doesn’t always put quality-learning first. The skills we learn, and the conditions which support that learning, are being rethought.

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Students first

The recent rapid adoption of online learning has meant that there is more data around student experience than ever before, but that doesn’t mean the experience is better.

Students have the most important perspective on their own learning, and educational institutions are increasingly realising the value of including them as part of the design process.

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Supportive systems

Success in learning means providing the right support, ensuring students are safe, included, and healthy. Educators need to collaborate with people and organisations in other sectors (like health and technology) to create a supportive ecosystem around every student.

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Adaptive learning

Students are becoming increasingly diverse, and increasingly digital, and the education they are receiving is not always keeping up. Technology can help educators to create education experiences that are personalised, adaptive, and human, helping everyone flourish.

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Selected Work

Today Strategic Design Smiling mind 2

An immersive game to promote social and emotional health in children

Websites and apps

Today Strategic Design Study Melbourne 2

An app to help international students unlock life in a new city

Websites and apps

Today Strategic Design University of NSW 2

Globally-leading disability and inclusion strategy

Service design

Today Strategic Design University of Melbourne 2

A new digital experience for a world-leading institution

Websites and apps

Today Strategic Design Telstra Foundation 2

A digital platform to get kids coding

Websites and apps

Today Strategic Design University of Melbourne 2

A data-driven experience to help students explore post-graduate possibilities

Service design

Today Strategic Design Social Ventures Australia 2

Evidence to inspire investment in better education practice


Today Strategic Design Goodstart Early Learning 2

Designing early childhood education and care services for remote Indigenous communities

Service design

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