Arts, culture and public spaces

A healthier, happier society needs a thriving creative economy, 1 better access to arts and culture, and spaces that inspire and unite us. Let’s connect with new audiences and re-imagine creation, participation, and patronage.

New creators, new tools, new experiences

Technology has fundamentally changed our relationship with creative content. The lines between curator, creator and audience have dissolved, bringing new opportunities for creativity, new narratives and healthier discourse. Let’s explore how technology can move people before, during, and after visitation.

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Inclusion, representation and access

The arts, cultural institutions, and public spaces must better represent and include diverse communities in their creative content, digital experiences, and the built environment. Co-design is an effective way to engage with diverse communities, inform authentic and inclusive experiences, and see new opportunities for innovation.

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Re-thinking patronage

Traditional philanthropy is stretched by increasingly significant emergencies—leading to an underfunding of the arts, culture, and public spaces. Let’s explore new funding mechanisms, business models, and emerging models of patronage.

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Selected Work

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Designing a digital companion for an immersive gallery experience

Websites and apps

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Working with Martu people to preserve their language and culture through digital storytelling

Brand and design systems

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Helping a regional community share arts and culture with the world

Websites and apps

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An award-winning website on the forefront of accessibility

Websites and apps

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Exploring the future of in-home media


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A strategy to connect people to deep and authentic cultural experiences

Impact strategy

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