Reducing economic abuse in young adult relationships.

In partnership with RMIT University School of Economics and YLab
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Economic abuse—or financial abuse—is a form of intimate partner abuse that involves a partner manipulating or controlling access to finances.

Research from RMIT revealed that 15.7% of women and 7.1% of men had experienced economic abuse in their lifetimes.

Young people, who are relatively new to relationships and finance, are particularly susceptible to this abuse. They may not even know that it's happening.

Our challenge was to give young people—and those who care about them—the tools to have better conversations about love and money.

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How might we translate research into impact?

Guided by research conducted at RMIT University by Dr Jozica Kutin, we worked with RMIT and YLab to co-design a digital toolkit to support young people in having good conversations about finances and relationships.

We started by exploring different, high-level creative territories before diving into more detailed brand, content and channel strategy.

Eighteen young people explored and developed four creative territories through a participatory design process.

We worked with young people to translate the often technical and inaccessible language around economic abuse into something approachable and relatable.

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I think it uniquely encourages young people to reflect on their relationship with money, their money story, values and spending behaviours. It enables money conversations for young people in relationships.

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We created a digital resource called You, Me & Money.

Centred around a light finance personality quiz, it helps young people better understand their relationship to money, and provides advice, tools and encouragement to talk about money with their partner.

You, Me & Money is a testament to what can be achieved when rigorous academic research, fast-paced participatory design, and creative thinking collide.

You can visit the You, Me & Money website here.

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(Being involved in this project) has made me consider where money flows in my relationship. It has made me more confident to approach money conversations with my partner.

Co-design participant
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