Recover, Rebuild, Renew

Encouraging Australians to step up their response to the climate crisis.

In partnership with the Australian Conservation Foundation
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Information about climate change is abundant and the knowledge that climate change might be linked to extreme weather is a given. Yet beyond religiously cycling and recycling, apathy and inaction are increasingly common among informed-yet-cautious Australians.

Amidst another heatwave, the Australian Conservation Fund (ACF) approached Today to speak directly with this climate crisis-aware cohort to understand the gap between knowledge and action and help develop a new campaign and brand aimed at shifting the mindsets.

We talked to people across the country to identify perceived barriers and gaps in existing messaging and what had the best cut through. What do the target audience find compelling, challenging and unique that may not have been done before?

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During interviews we observed how Australians perceive the climate crisis and the current state of climate change messaging

We learned that people thought typical climate crisis messaging felt negative, intangible, and unachievable. Guided by this research the ACF created the ‘Recover, Rebuild, Renew’ brand and campaign, alongside their partners WWF, Get Up!, the Sunrise Project and Greenpeace.

The ‘Recover, Rebuild, Renew’ brand aims to support concerned yet cautious Australians with achievable and tangible tools to get climate action on the agenda of Australian businesses and government.

To promote the new brand and provoke a movement we launched a multi-channel ‘Recover, Rebuild, Renew’ campaign.

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The ACF’s ‘Recover, Rebuild, Renew’ proved to be a model that inspires action in the continued fight against climate change, as oceans warm, natural resources become increasingly scarce and extreme weather conditions become the norm.

The brand creates a broad and unifying message around positive climate action in Australia, by galvanising mainstream public support for an accelerated transition to renewable energy.

It’s been specifically designed to connect with sections of Australian society that are not easily reached by conventional activism brands. Its purpose is to make climate and nature-friendly policies more important to more conservative members of the public and business community; audiences we might describe as accepting of climate change, but passive and lacking in urgency.

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