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Climate Solutions to take action and create lasting, system-led impact.

In partnership with Greenpeace Australia Pacific
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The design challenge from Greenpeace Australia Pacific was to create a novel digital product that encourages Australians who are already motivated and concerned about climate change, to take small actions in challenging the systems that are driving the climate crisis.

An internal Greenpeace research report outlines that Australia has the technology and resources to reach a goal of ​​net zero emissions well before the Paris Agreement’s timeline of 2050.

Systemic change isn’t the result of a single moment of participation. It requires ongoing effort and pressure from many people. This might mean speaking up when they currently don’t, changing the way they vote, or demanding change from big businesses and the government. To do this, people need clarity on the issues and guidance on the best way to get involved.

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Through our human-centred design process, we discovered our audience wanted to get information on their terms:
Show me how I can take action on climate change based on the areas I’m interested in.

We opted to go beyond the original brief of simply promoting different climate solutions to creating an experience that facilitated learning and behaviour change.

A quiz-based format allowed for immediate input from users, generating tailored responses and actions. Sitting behind the quiz, is a robust taxonomy that matches interests and climate actions to different ways someone can advocate for the climate solutions they care about the most.

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Launched in December 2021, in the first three months there were 18,000 page views, 2,000 action click-throughs to actions and more than 1,000 quizzes taken. Greenpeace Middle East and North Africa are looking to replicate a version for their own audiences, building on the impact of this work.

You can find Climate Solutions by Greenpeace here.

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The app's unique visual style, language and features clearly reflect its desired audience of concerned individuals and impressively educates, validates sentiment and presents provocative and well-researched case studies to push systemic change. Greenpeace have created a key piece of a puzzle that will lead to positive movement today and tomorrow.

Good Design Awards Jury
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Australian Design Awards
Silver in: Better Future, Environmental Sustainability
Silver in Digital, Community
WILD Design Awards
Gold in Better Future, Environmental Sustainability
Silver in Digital, Community
AGDA Awards
Merit in Design for Good / Environmental Responsibility
Good Design Awards
Winner in Digital Design: Web Design and Development
Silver in Environmental & Sustainability for Websites
Melbourne Design Awards—Better Future
Sliver in Digital: Community
Silver in Marketing: Branded Experience

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