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VicRoads wanted to reshape their omnichannel customer experience to increase digital self-service and build customer confidence.

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  • Research

We worked hand-in-hand with the VicRoads team, exploring six, high volume Registration and Licensing transactions, from the customer’s perspective.

We interviewed customers in service centres, spoke to them after phone transactions, and held focus groups with customer groups, such as new P-platers, to understand them and the moments that influence their expectations, preferences and behaviours.

A Today researcher interviewing a lady in a VicRoads service centre
A Today researcher interviewing a man in a VicRoads service centre

Contextual research helped build a picture of the in-centre service experience. It was part of a broader research scope, which looked at people's end-to-end service experience with VicRoads.

Research taking place in a VicRoads service centre
A Today researcher interviewing a lady in a VicRoads service centre

The research revealed a new approach to seeing the customer experience: a lifelong journey, not a set of individual, disconnected transactions.

This approach helped us identify the best moments for VicRoads to move the needle and provide an increasingly digital experience that fits into people’s lives. We mapped the current experience against an ideal future experience, plotting peaks and troughs in confidence to show where impactful interventions can be made.

Paired with in-depth future-state ‘storyboards’ for individual moments, we were able to quickly communicate both the breadth and the variety of the Victorian road user’s experience with VicRoads across their lifetime, from life events (becoming independent on the road or moving home and changing address) to life admin (paying bills or renewing vehicle registration).

A family at the counter of a VicRoads service centre

Early prototyping and testing of some of the recommended interventions gave the VicRoads project team and the staff involved practical insights and tangible next steps to begin converting insights into action. The prototypes helped to bring the strategy to life across the organisation, prioritising quick wins and longer term interventions that will have the most impact for customers.

We presented the CX strategy to 30 Customer Service Team Leaders. It was an important occasion, allowing the strategy to become more than a static report, starting the process of building capacity across departments and teams and helping internal stakeholders to understand customers and develop and test interventions that will build customer confidence in VicRoads.


Our CX Strategy surfaced key insights from customers and VicRoads staff. We identified the key moments of truth to concentrate on, to deliver omnichannel improvements with a measurement framework and a roadmap.