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Australians are a generous lot—we react in times of need and, when prompted by a friend, an ad, or the occasional tin rattler, we’re willing to dig deep. But giving in this country is not habitual, or even particularly well considered. It’s mostly unplanned, and on the occasions we do give, it’s difficult to understand the impact we’re making.

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Unless you happen to be really rich, in which case you might have access to philanthropy consulting services like the one ANZ provided to its Private Wealth customers.


We asked the question: “What if we could democratise and scale this service, so that all Australians could give in a way that was more considered, regular, and impactful?”. ANZ asked us to figure out if this proposition had legs and, if so, what form it might take.

We undertook an extensive program of design research, exploring the thoughts, behaviours, and ideas of a wide range of people—from everyday Aussies who don't (or can't) give, to wealthy philanthropists who give millions. This inspired a wide range of service and product concepts that were built around an clear insight—we all want to give to causes that are dear to us, but the mechanism to do it doesn’t exist.

Two designers from Today sharing a laugh with clients. They're standing in front of a wall with printouts of their work.

Open ideation sessions were facilitated, where customers, subject-matter experts, and ANZ stakeholders contributed ideas and insight. Knowledge and concepts were mediated through low and medium fidelity prototypes that were regularly iterated upon.

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A cross-functional team of philanthropy experts, everyday people, and Today designers, researchers, and technologists came together to design and build the ANZ Values Explorer.

The app asked people to reflect on their values before presenting them with giving ‘portfolios’ (tapping ANZ’s advisory services), ultimately connecting them with the change they sought.

A designer from Today presenting work to a client. He's pointing at a wireframe sketch.
A photograph of an iPad with a high fidelity prototype showing


The Values Explorer continues to evolve within product teams at ANZ. They’re working on scaling the knowledge, agency, and access to their philanthropy services from just a handful of people to products used by millions.