Liz Sideris


Liz is a producer at Today who's passionate about creating purpose driven projects for global change. With over 15 years’ project management experience in film, television, arts and events, Liz has the ability to solve problems, make genuine connections, imbue projects with empathy and untangle challenges through the lens of storytelling.

Liz has the finely tuned ability to connect people to a common goal or purpose and create a shared understanding that helps to amplify the voices of people who need to be heard the most. She is skilled in creating the conditions required to bring people together safely and effectively to participate in co-design, ensuring both her team and our clients have the support they deserve.

Liz is driven by projects that have strong undercurrents of social awareness and responsibility, challenging audiences to rethink their attitudes towards sense of place and community. Her ability to engage people and gain deep understanding of complex issues is helping her embed the voice of lived and living experience in projects and policy to drive systemic change.

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