Lauren Plumb

Delivery Lead

Intuitive people skills paired with an ability to remain driven and outcome focused make Lauren an exceptional Delivery Lead at Today. Her dynamic skills allow her to adapt to the people she works with, forming genuine connections that are driven by empathy and a desire to foster productive working environments.

With a background running her own coaching business, Lauren is familiar in the entrepreneurial headspace. Her coaching mindset, values about people and desire for growth compliment our philosophy at Today.

With a breadth of experience in everything from fine arts to delivering large projects for government clients and studying and working in the wellness industry, Lauren has a unique context that informs her approach. Her diverse career experience combined with personal development and a strong self belief make her a confident decision maker, helping her to steer projects and deliver them with confidence. She’s hungry for human lead, empathetic projects and feels refreshed and right at home amongst her team at Today.

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