Callan Rowe

Innovation Lead

Cal is a blue-sky thinker, pushing the boundaries of possibility across Today’s projects. He draws from a toolkit of trends analysis, futuring, structured ideation and human-centred design to help organisations innovate toward high impact futures.

With a background in film, art direction, interaction design, exploratory research and creative technology, Callan’s multidisciplinary approach allows him to uncover the problem behind the problem and come up with unique, creative and useful solutions.

Callan worked in design, R&D and film for eight years before joining Today as Innovation Lead. Some of Callan’s projects include the creation of an open data visualisation tool for My Victoria and prototypes to promote better conversations about equality and discrimination in the workplace for the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission.

His creativity, research and technology knowledge makes him an invaluable asset to any project. While Callan forecasts and focuses on emerging tech, he still believes that all great ideas start with pens, paper and Post-It notes.

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