Today is a purpose-first business, designed from the ground up for impact. We were founded with a mission to use creativity, design and technology to tackle important challenges and affect change.

A time of great possibility

We live in a time of exponentially powerful technology and abundant possibility; it’s time to reinvent our systems to be inclusive, thoughtful, fair and sustainable.

Where our purpose plays

We make the case for social or environmental change through project-based work, solving specific problems through the use of thoughtful design and clever technology.

These projects exist within larger programs of systemic change—our work is a way to investigate specific opportunity areas, identify barriers to progress, uncover unmet needs, and validate new thinking in a practical, measurable way.

Community-led innovation

Our client partners are driven, bold and restless; they fight for a better everything.

Our team sees every day as an opportunity to make change. We bring a diverse range of skills and experience to help bring our clients’ vision into the world and make an impact.

Central to our design practice is the inclusion of communities and making space for them to play an active role in designing and creating their future systems and services. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with change-makers and the communities they serve to find new ways forward and co-create a brighter future.

By harnessing the experiences and perspectives of people, we can work towards fairer societies, free of inequality; supported by sustainable and thoughtful systems.

We’ve developed deep experience in working with a broad range of organisations and their communities to build empathy, generate ideas and galvanise action.

Tackling disadvantage

A large proportion of our work lies with client organisations who directly address disadvantage, their beneficiaries including indigenous, disabled and vulnerable groups.

We take pride in giving a voice to people who are themselves marginalised, and we ensure that their voice is heard in the design of systems, policy, services, and products that they rely on to live good lives.

Our work plays a role in advocacy for the underserved. Including diverse groups and viewpoints as part of research means we can design universal, inclusive services that work better for everyone as a result.

Nurturing diversity

We value diversity in all its forms. At the heart of our ambition to be a more diverse business is making sure our work draws on the breadth and depth of our different personal and professional experiences, so we can bring out the most creative and effective solutions possible.

Inclusive design means ensuring we include groups who are often excluded or underserved in the design process. Central to our design ethos is community-led innovation—the idea that people and communities that are likely to be affected by the implementation of a policy or service should be involved in designing it. So most often, we are designing shoulder-to-shoulder with diverse communities, whether that be recent migrants, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the LGBTIQ community, or other groups who are sometimes excluded from the design process.

Commitment to giving

Giving has always been an important part of our business, in service to our mission.

Today has directly donated more than $600,000 to charitable causes and we continue to provide cash donations of $50,000 per year to organisations like the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Wildlife Victoria.

We currently commit around $200,000 worth of pro-bono work per year to organisations such as Minus 18 and Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Our team also volunteers four times a month at St Mary’s House of Welcome, a homeless drop-in centre in Fitzroy.

We're proud to be certified as a B Corporation, and have been since its initial launch in Australia in 2013. B Corp certification requires the business to meet a high social, ethical and environmental standards.

As part of our B Corporation Certification, we've signed a declaration of interdependence that says "... through their products, practices, and profits, businesses should aspire to do no harm and benefit all."

We consider the impact on people and planet with each decision we make as a business. It's not just about reducing harm, it's about actively looking for opportunities to do good.

We regularly review our inputs, consumption and outputs to ensure we maximise the benefit of our operations.

In recognition of the need for business to be done differently, we do not work for profit alone. We select projects to deliver on one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

We see this as a part of our duty to the environment and the community, and we look forward to the day that this type of commitment is a part of ‘business as usual.’

Our work is categorised by impact areas that are informed by the SDGs;

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