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Thick has changed its name to Today. The new name is a symbol of broader change that's happening in our business, as we prepare to face the world's big, urgent problems head-on.

We remain—and always will be—a purpose-first company. From day one, we designed our business to make a genuine, meaningful difference in the world. That won't change, but plenty of other things will.

Saying goodbye to Thick

It's with mixed feelings we say goodbye to Thick, the brand which represented our first ideas, which took us from humble beginnings to something bigger, bolder and brighter than we ever thought possible.

We took a bet on combining strategy, design, research and technology as a force for good. We leased a tiny, 3m x 3m room in a mate's Collingwood warehouse and set about chasing values-aligned businesses to work with. To our surprise, it started to take pretty quickly. We managed to find like-minded people who liked the cut of our jib and were willing to take a chance on us—people like KeepCup, Clean Energy Finance Corp, and St. Vincent's Mental Health Services (we're forever grateful, thank you!).

We're now a team of 40, in Melbourne and Sydney, working with public companies, banks, education institutions, big government departments, and not-for-profits that punch well above their weight. Our team have done remarkable work, making proper progress across family violence, homelessness, mental health, giving, inequality, and injustice—just to name a few.

Thick has turned into something beyond our wildest dreams. Its success has instilled a new sense of obligation in us; that now, we need to level-up and spread our wings. We've proven our hypothesis to be true. Now we're gearing up to be a bigger, stronger, better, faster version of ourselves.

Welcome to Today

Our new name is symbolic of a host of changes we've made to gear up to do this even better. We've also had some big people moves, refined our way of working, and opened an office in Sydney. 

Changing our name to Today reflects the need we see for urgent action in the face of complex, interdependent problems. It symbolises our commitment to getting going right now, not deferring action to tomorrow.

It's become clear to us that to affect change in a meaningful way, we must play an active and loud role in fighting for action over inaction. The world needs big, new, unconventional ideas over safe, marginal tweaks to broken systems.

We need to get new concepts that represent bigger ideas into the hands of people who suffer these broken systems, and design a brighter future with them—not make PowerPoints about it.

When we speak to our client partners, it’s clear that they know this too. We hear that they are seeking real change, but are sometimes overburdened with bureaucracy and surrounded by small ambition. They're seeking a way out—a way forward—and we're giving it to them. Today symbolises that hope and optimism, that we can help move their problems forward in a meaningful way.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the changes we're making. Tweet @todaydes or email with questions or comments. It'd be great to hear from you.

Adam Morris and Damon O'Sullivan