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Phillip Island Nature Parks wanted to build the cultural intelligence (CQ) of front-line staff.

Philip Island Nature Parks manages some of Australia’s most popular natural wildlife attractions with thousands of visitors from around the world, giving them a unique nature experience – a chance to meet fairy penguins, koalas and other iconic wildlife.

While their frontline staff knew everything there was to know about their feathered and furry stars, they wanted to build their capability to engage with customers from diverse backgrounds and increase positive cross-cultural interactions.

We developed a highly customised training package to help Phillip Island Nature Parks staff to connect with their visitors and deliver the best possible customer experience through cultural self-awareness and cross-cultural communication skills.

Working with Stefanie from CQ Cultural Consulting has been an absolute delight. We welcome many international tourists, and we wanted our staff to be equipped with the right strategies to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Kelly Boyd, HR Coordinator, Phillip Island Nature Parks
Penguin Parade 3

We used a collaborative approach to identify key topics for both training programs, such as cultural stereotypes and communicating successfully across language barriers. Participants learnt techniques to suspend judgement and understand different cultural values which helped them to create positive visitor experiences as well as enhance work satisfaction for staff members.


Both programs were well received and equipped participants with the understanding, skills and techniques essential for successfully engaging with staff and visitors from culturally diverse backgrounds.