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GMHBA's redesigned website completely reimagines how health insurance is packaged and explained to customers.

  • Business Design

GMHBA is a not-for-profit health insurer that puts its members first. Their new website makes an extremely complex user experience simpler and easier – without losing crucial detail needed to make an informed decision.

Finding the right kind of private health insurance cover can be confusing and frustrating. The world of health insurance is complex, and the structure of government rebates and penalties makes things harder still. GMHBA approached our team to try and solve this – to create a smarter, simpler way to find the right health insurance online.

As a further challenge, we were asked to develop a digital product that would become the standard for choosing appropriate health insurance across all of GMHBA’s brands, including Frank Health Insurance.

Understanding customers

Our team began as we usually do – by diving deep into customer needs, on the hunt for insight. Based on demographic studies completed prior, we recruited a diverse range of people, all at different stages of their health insurance journey.

We brought together people who hadn’t yet bothered with any health insurance cover, people ready to purchase for it for the first time, those looking to switch providers, and people who were comfortable with their current cover. Through a series of interviews and workshops, our team were able to start to glean insight into their behaviour and attitudes toward private health insurance, and the ways in which they go about comparing and buying health insurance.

Customer journey maps were developed based on the research we undertook – allowing our teams to form a graphic representation of where the pain points were in the shopping process, and where things seemed to be OK. The maps showed where to hone our attention, and where we should avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ too much.

Rapid Prototyping

With initial insights in hand (along with data and analytics from the current website) our design team began prototyping ideas for a better product selection flow. Many different variations were drawn up, with the team landing on some better concepts that broke down the traditional, form-based approach and allowed mobile users just to tap a few options to narrow down cover options.

We placed these prototypes into the hands of research participants, with further input informing product improvements. This process was repeated several times until we had a more refined prototype.

During the testing sessions for our prototype, iterative improvements were made to the labeling of options, the directional micro-copy and of the options themselves. Even the content became a prototype.

Digital brand experience

Once we had a prototype that was testing well with users, we began developing the creative direction as an overly for the digital product, for the GMHBA master brand. As we applied the brand layer to the product, our team began concepting the main GMHBA website, with which our prototype flow would sit. We made sure that the site led directly through to the product selection tool, as the data was telling us that that is what most visitors to the website were after – product comparison.

Art direction and user interface design came together after following a similar prototyping exercise for the main GMHBA website itself. An elegant mobile user experience was the starting point, with the responsive build scaling out to an equally user-friendly desktop web experience.


The new GMHBA website is an exercise in user-focussed simplicity. We’ve wrangled what is usually a complicated and frustrating online experience of finding the right kind of health insurance into a straightforward way for people to find just the right amount of cover in a simple and elegant interface.