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Creative Technologist

We’re looking for a Creative Technologist to help generate big, world-changing ideas—and build working prototypes that represent them.

You’d work really closely with our Innovation Lead, rallying our team and clients around interesting new ideas, and bringing them to life.

You'll be someone who can code in a few languages, keeps up to date on Platforms and APIs and has a maker skillset and attitude. You’re probably someone who gets excited about emerging trends and the technologies that enable them. You might be into physical technologies (IoT, Arduino, wearables), AI and machine learning, sensing technologies, or data visualisation. Think “technology in the world” rather than websites.

We’re less concerned about specific skills and experience. We just want to talk to interesting people who like to make stuff and care about making the world a better place.

We design human-centric products and services for clients in the public service, health, education, sustainability and not-for-profit sectors. We pursue projects that create a positive social and environmental impact, with a focus on the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

This gig won’t be 100% of your time to start with—probably more like 50% to start with, and then we’ll scale it up. The balance of time will be helping with our usual work, which is mostly doing design research, inventing better products and services for our clients (i.e. making really nice websites and apps), and working on interesting, left-field things like policy design or business strategy. We’re not sure exactly what that other 50% might be just yet, we’re open to ideas.

We’re also open to this being a part-time or a full-time role.

If you’re interested, write us a cover letter and tell us a bit about yourself. Some thought-starters might be: what excites you, what gets you out of bed in the morning, and/or something you do that makes you lose track of time.


  • Hustle, you work fast when you need to
  • Passion and positivity, you care and you're optimistic
  • A burning desire to work in the purpose sector, our drive is the real deal
  • You need to be able to hack together working prototypes in code
  • Eagerness and want to participate in ideation, co-design workshops and research
  • Know your way around open source languages? Like to jive to Javascript? All the better


Learn more and apply here.

Today is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.