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About Today

Today’s challenges need urgent action. Progress requires a dedication to unconventional ideas and moving fast.

We use design and technology to
Make better policy
Bring products to life
Shift to digital services
Design vivid futures
Engage with diverse communities
Make better customer experiences
Design end-to-end service experiences

We are a purpose-first business

In our first 5 years, we donated 5% of our revenue to charity. This year, we are donating 5% of our time to The Life You Can Save.

We have adopted the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to focus our impact.

We are one of Australia’s founding B-Corporations.

We’ve assembled a team of strategists, designers and technologists who make change happen.

  • team sized 0026 160329 ThickPortraits Day1 076Cutout
    Damon O'Sullivan
    Chief Executive Officer
  • team sized 0027 160329 ThickPortraits Day1 028Cutout
    Adam Morris
    Chief Design Officer
  • 2018 Lou
    Louise Sergent
    Managing Director
  • 2018 SallyH2
    Sally Hill
    General Manager
  • 2018 Louise
    Louise Long
    Service Design Director
  • mark2
    Mark Davis
    Technology Director
  • team sized 0003 170221 Thick Portraits Jacob 173
    Jacob Zinman-Jeanes
    Design Director
  • Sam Mackisack
    Sam Mackisack
    Strategy Director
  • Olivier Laude
    Olivier Laude
    Client Services Director
  • 2018 Bri2
    Brianna Lacy
    Client Partner
  • team sized 0014 160329 ThickPortraits Day2 Kelsey 1021Cutout
    Kelsey Schwynn
    General Manager
  • Matt Sawkill
    Matt Sawkill
    Principal, Technology
  • jason
    Jason D'Souza
    Solution Architect
  • 2018 SallyW v2
    Sally Woellner
    Creative Lead
  • 2018 Tim
    Tim Stuckey
    Business Lead
  • 2018 Beck
    Rebecca Heffernan
    Content Design Lead
  • 2018 Adele
    Adele Shepherd
    Studio Concierge
  • Callan Rowe
    Callan Rowe
    Innovation Lead
  • team sized 0008 160629 Thick Portraits Kat 039 Final
    Kathryn Denton
    Delivery Lead
  • 2017 Blaise
    Blaise Palmer
    Delivery Lead
  • team sized 0013 160329 ThickPortraits Day2 Mark 1212Cutout
    Mark Ayres
    Service Design Lead
  • team sized 0021 160329 ThickPortraits Day1 Estaban 028Cutout2
    Chicken Detective
  • 2018 Tait3
    Tait Ischia
    Service Design Lead
  • 2017 Di 2
    Di Pierce
    Service Design Lead
  • 2018 Dan
    Dan Laush
    Senior Front-End Developer
  • 2017 Louise sized
    Louise Krstic
    Service Designer
  • team sized 0012 160329 ThickPortraits Day2 Penny 1290Cutout
    Penny McVey
    Senior Producer
  • Team Sized mosh cutout v01r01
    Alex Moshovelis
    Service Designer
  • 2017 Adi sized
    Adrienne Halsall
    Service Designer
  • 2018 Lance
    Lance Mustapha
    Financial Accountant
  • 2018 Maddy
    Maddy Newland
  • 2018 Lara
    Lara Ihnatowicz
    Senior Producer
  • team sized 0001 170221 Thick Portraits Krista 015
    Krista Uellendahl
    Project Operations Manager
  • team sized 0004 170221 Thick Portraits Alex 285
    Alex Bennett
    Senior Producer
  • 2018 Kell
    Kelly White
  • team sized 0009 160329 ThickPortraits Day2 Tom 868Cutout
    Tom Bredin-Grey
    Senior Front-End Developer
  • 2018 Vincent2
    Vincent Oosterwijk
    Web Developer
  • TDY Team Beth2
    Beth J Hyland
    Strategy Design Lead